For many parents whose children have clinched their first full-time job, it’s indeed a proud moment to be relished and celebrated. Our children has grown up and moving on to the next stage in their lives!

To our children, this is a huge milestone achieved, especially when they receive their first paycheck. For some, this signals a “coming of age”, while for others, it evokes a sense of personal achievement and pride because it’s a step, albeit a small one, to kick-start their professional career and earning power.

Nonetheless, nothing matters more to them than their parents' support and encouragement as they enter this new stage in their life. One good way we can share in our children’s joy and re-affirm our support is by marking this milestone with a congratulatory new job gift or a mini-celebration.

Here are some ideas:

  • Gifts for the work desk/cubicle, e.g. mini speakers or earphones, inspirational posters, mugs, succulent plants
  • Personalised gifts, e.g. engraved items such as pen, business card holder, notepad
  • Practical gifts, e.g. work bag, watch
  • Pampering gifts, e.g. a spa treatment
  • Congratulatory cards - handmade ones are the best!
  • Congratulatory bouquets. Make it unique by replacing flowers with sweets, stationeries, etc.
  • Go out for a simple or fancy meal
  • Throw a mini home party, and jazz up the atmosphere with party poppers and streamers