One of the more significant milestones in a marriage is its 50th year. Spending half a century with one person definitely calls for a major celebration. Known as the Golden Anniversary, the 50th year of a marriage is traditionally associated with gold. Like what the gold colour symbolises, the 50th year mines a wealth of the couple’s experiences in their marriage, and with the refining, carries an optimism of the 51st year and beyond with each other.

Considering the importance of this occasion, it would be especially meaningful to the couple to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with their family. As such, whether you are the couple’s adult children or extended family members, you can express your love and support to the couple by commemorating this milestone with them.

Before proceeding with the celebration plans, it’s advisable to first consider the preferences of the couple as well as the budget. Some couples may love celebrating with a large group, while others prefer a more intimate setting. If you are unsure, it’d be best to check with them directly.

Once you have established the parameters, below are some ideas that can be considered:

Celebration Ideas

  • Sponsor the couple on a trip to their dream destination
  • A party at home with family and friends
  • A grand celebration at a hotel’s ballroom


Whatever the celebration may be, make it relevant (and fun!) by throwing in gold frills, such as gold-coloured plastic plates, table cloths with gold trimmings, glittery gold invitation cards, and more! Ramp up the golden spirit with a golden sparkly wine, such as the Chardonnay, for a hearty toast to the happy couple.


  • A time capsule gift that contains songs or events that happened during the year of the couple’s wedding
  • Compose a poem dedicated to them—written in gold ink and displayed in a gold-colored frame.
  • Put together a memory quilt comprising of squares contributed by family members or close friends
  • Create a photo album with pictures that chronicle and highlight their journey together
  • Or check out this list of 50 Gift Ideas for the 50th Wedding Anniversary for more ideas

Through working together, be it brainstorming for ideas or doing DIY crafts, there is also a golden opportunity for everyone in the family to spend more time together and get to know one another better. Thus, making this celebration an even more meaningful and memorable one.