Sometimes celebrating someone who means so much to you could be difficult. Nothing seems to match up to how much you want to show you love him/her!

Don’t worry, we have some ideas that might just help you in your upcoming anniversaries!

The Three-Month Anniversary

Fun is the word. Too much seriousness can stifle a budding relationship. Laughing releases endorphins and provides feelings of happiness, adding to sense of well-being. Laughing together will, no doubt, leave you even more smitten. Have the last laugh—and an even lasting relationship.

  • Home movie night
  • Write a love-letter together 
  • Bake an anniversary cake 


The First-Year Anniversary

Show your commitment with a hefty dose of sincerity. This is when the bingeing on K-dramas pay off big time. Pull out all the stops to mark your first year as a couple. From candle-light dinners to getaways, nothing is too sappy for the one and only first-year.

  • Recreate first date
  • Weekend staycation
  • Create a time capsule


The Five-Year Anniversary and Beyond

By now, you would already have a fair share of anniversaries. Never fall into a routine or worse, ignore the anniversaries totally. Focus on when the magic really happens—new experiences—to make memories. Hot air balloon rides, sky diving, Aurora Borealis—love is a ritual, not a routine.

  • Do volunteer work together
  • Embark on a scavenger hunt of romance
  • Learn a new hobby side by side

Physical attractions can only do so much; it is the emotional connection that last. Anniversary celebrations create memories that forge the connection. Not only that, they also give you and your beloved a chance to share these beautiful memories. Relationship is a long journey; celebrate every milestone with your loved one.