Fun Fact: Teenagers are known as teenagers/teens, simply because their age number ends with "teen". That is, between the ages 13 to 19.

But numbers aside, the teenage years that our teens go through come with the many ups and downs that are unique to this blossoming age group. This makes it an even more compelling reason to continue celebrating our precious teenagers’ milestones, achievements, and everyday moments to express our love, affection, appreciation and support as they grow into adulthood.

Some of these milestones that call for a celebration can include their coming of age, graduation etc. Or even nerve-wrecking ones like the first day of school and first date, where we, as parents, can help relieve the stress by injecting fun into the celebration. As for everyday moments, we can celebrate simple things like the first wage they earn from a holiday job.

Whatever it may be, you can list down milestones and moments that are specific and meaningful to your family, and mark it down on a family calendar.

Here are some interesting celebration ideas that may appeal to your teenagers:

  • Send encouraging and lovely notes to them via emails or phone messages
  • Organise a gathering or mini party at home, attended by grandparents and relatives. To ramp up the atmosphere, put on the music and dance!
  • Have an “all-about-me” day to indulge in eating their favourite food, and engaging in their favourite hobbies/activities as a family, and of course, add an extra dose of praises and hugs just for them
  • Go on a short family trip
  • Go for a high-tea date with your teenager. It can be with either one of the parents, or even a same-gender group dinner with a parent, grandparent, uncles/aunties and cousins
  • Gifting of symbolic items to signify a milestone, for an example, gifts such as a shaver (boys), ear piercing (girls), family heirlooms etc, can be given to celebrate their coming of age
  • Host a formal dinner party with your teenagers’ close friends—all dressed to the nines and indulging in gourmet cuisines

Observing these special occasions and creating beautiful memories from them also help build an affirming culture in your family. And as Peggy O’Mara aptly put it, “the way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice”.

So, take the time to love on your teenagers by celebrating them and having fun together as a family!