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The 2.2km long Changi Point Coastal Walk is a favourite spot for many, including avid photographers, overnight fishing enthusiasts,  couples on quiet romantic evening strolls or families enjoying a picnic. And it’s no wonder as this quiet seaside sanctuary, has several lovely walks which allow you to enjoy the best views of sea, sand and hill that Changi has to offer.

6 Walks to Enjoy

There are 6 main walks that you should try when you visit Changi Point Boardwalk.  These are:

i) Creek Walk, usually the start of the walk near the Changi Civil Service Club

ii) Beach Walk, to enjoy the serene view of the beach and look out for unique seaside flora and fauna along the walk

iii) Sailing Point Walk near the Changi Sailing Club

iv) Cliff Walk located just below the hilltop chalets with panoramic views of the area and lush greenery

v) Kelong Walk, a stretch reminiscent of the good old ‘kelong’ days

vi) Sunset Walk, one of the best spots to catch a splendid sunset at the Western end of Changi Point

You can also download the NParks' Guide to Changi Point Coast Walk prior to your walk at Changi Point.

Tips for a Better Visit

Changi Point Boardwalk is a beautiful and serene place both by day and at night. To make the most of your visit, here are some tips to keep you comfortable.

  • Bring plenty of mosquito repellent, sunscreen, umbrellas or hats as shelters are limited
  • Except for a few narrow steps leading to the beach, the boardwalk is generally wide and stroller-friendly
  • Keep footwear on at Sunset Walk, as some rocks are rugged and covered with barnacles
  • Bring sandcastle-building toys for kids to have more fun at the beach