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Is your child shy and avoids social interaction with other children and adults? Some kids may find it difficult to express their thoughts verbally.

Conversation games may be the solution and here’s why: these games help to develop speaking, listening, logical thinking and reasoning skills, while improving your child’s vocabulary. Conversation games are also a fun family activity to bond with your child.

Here are 6 games to get the conversation going:

Story A - Z
1. A player begins the story or a conversation chain with a sentence that starts with A, for instance, “Anyone seen my keys?”

2. The next person would continue with the next sentence, starting with the letter in the alphabet and might say, “Beside the TV remote control.”

3. The game goes on with each player adding to the chain in alphabetical order. To switch things up, you can also reverse the order, starting with Z.

Name Ten in Ten

1. A player chooses a category such as ‘Fruit’.

2. The other players would have to come up with a total of 10 examples that fall under the category within 10 seconds.

3. The player who came up with the category will get to decide whose examples fit the best.

Fact or Fiction
1. Taking turns, each player will say two things that are true about themselves and one that is false.

2. The other players must then guess which is fact and which is fiction.

Who Am I?

1. One player starts with a person, storybook or movie character in mind and asks, “Who am I?”

2. The other players will then ask for clues and make guesses until they figure out the correct answer.

What’s Better?

1. This is a short and quick game that asks kids to choose between two things, for instance:
“What’s better - banana or apple?”
“What’s better – chocolate or potato chips?”

2. Each person gets a turn to make up the questions. Feel free to expand the categories. From books, TV shows, sports - anything is fair game!

The Grateful Game

1. Each player takes turns to share one thing that they are grateful for.

2. Encourage your kids to be specific, for instance, “I’m grateful for the sunny weather because we can go swimming!”

Get your family together and try out these conversation games, whether it is during a car ride or a meal together. You could even incorporate these games and start a fun family tradition “Games Night” to make new memories and bond with your family!