Whilst nothing says home like a mother’s cooking, sometimes it would be nice for mum to enjoy our cooking. For a special day like Mother’s Day when you really want to show your mother how much you appreciate what she does for you all 365 days of the year, getting together and cooking as a family is a heart-warming gesture.

Have You Learned Her Best Recipes Yet?

If you’ve already learned all of mum’s best recipes, then you are well on your way to making her happy. Tell her that you’ve paid special attention because you always want to be able to cook her favourite foods for her. Then get in the kitchen with everyone else in the family and roll your sleeves up!

Ask the more kitchen-challenged members of your family to bring mum out to watch a movie whilst you spend the afternoon with everyone else pulling together a feast of her favourite foods. Don’t forget to take out all the best china and to set the table with fresh flowers, napkins and candles. Decorate your home in the colours which you know she loves.

Welcome her home after her outing and sit down together as a family for a truly celebratory dinner!

If You Can’t Cook, It’s Still Not Too Late!

So, mum has always been so brilliant that you’ve never had to learn how to cook. Well, you can still surprise her with a lovingly prepared meal. There are lots of cooking schools in Singapore which are willing to not only teach your whole family to cook a meal together, but will also host the event in a modern kitchen with all the dream appliances which you could wish for. Make this a real family event where everyone gets to be responsible for a different part of the meal. At the end of it all, enjoy the fruits of your labour when you all sit down to a feast together.

Whilst there are all sorts of cooking schools available, here are a few with different concepts which you might consider as you begin your search for the ideal instructors, venues and menus.

Palate Sensations

A lovely modern space and kitchen with cooking classes led by various restaurant chefs, they offer private parties in their kitchen. Themed games and activities such as a “murder dinner party game” or cooking food from a particular movie can be included in the cooking session. Visit their website for more details.

Coriander Leaf

A warm and cosy cooking studio, they provide instructors and a private dining room. In addition to the cooking class and meal, they can also arrange wine pairings and tastings for your event. Contact them through their website for more information.

Cookery Magic

Bring the instructor to your kitchen! Instead of visiting a cooking studio, you can arrange to host the event at your home. Check out their website for details.