This Valentine’s Day bring your special one on a romantic cruise and see Singapore’s beautiful night lights from a different perspective.

Take a bumboat and go back in time to when everything in Singapore moved at a slower pace. Bumboats used to be the main form of transport for goods and cargo from ship to shore and back again. Also known as Tongkangs in Malay or Twakows in Hokkien and Teochew, the original bumboats were sail boats or oar driven vessels.

Singapore’s modern bumboats are motorised but still full of charm. They retain their quaint flat bottomed design and most are between 15 to 30 meters from end to end. Old rubber tyres on the side act as shock absorbers and large eyes are usually painted on each side of the boat. These are supposed to allow the boat to “see” and look out for dangers ahead. At night, the bum boats themselves are gaily decorated with lanterns which swing gently in the breeze, all adding to the nostalgic and festive mood of the ride itself.

As you sail out on the water, enjoy the bracing night breeze and hold hands while you look out at the bright lights along the new Singapore waterfront. Most bumboat cruises begin at Clarke Quay, bringing you on a tour from Merlion Park to Marina Bay Sands. Book dinner at one of the many restaurants at Marina Bay Sands after the cruise, or book a cruise which includes dinner on board to complete your night.