Planning a multigenerational family holiday that caters to everyone’s needs and desires is already a tall order, let alone organise one. On one hand, your elderly parents want to relax yet have fun. On the other, your energetic children are clamoring for more thrilling activities.

Why not try getting everyone on a cruise to exotic destinations, such as Langkawi in Malaysia or Hoi An in Vietnam? On board, the cruise ship is well able to accommodate to diverse interests and needs with its exciting range of activities and performances. The convenience of its one-stop concept certainly make cruising a favourable option for the ideal family holiday.

For The Individual

Grandparents can take up specialised classes, such as salsa, or enjoy a private meal at speciality restaurants.

Parents can rest in the knowledge that their children (and everyone else) are safely and happily occupied. They can opt for a me-time or couple time, soaking in the adults-only pool and indulge in rejuvenating massages. among others. The fitness-conscious ones in the family can also hit the fitness gym or basketball court.

Children can try their hands (and feet) at inline skating or ice skating, al though the younger ones may require parental supervision. A host of age-appropriate activities and entertainment are available on board to keep them engaged throughout.

The whole family can enjoy watching movies under the stars or any of its indoor performances. More information on onboard accessibility can be found on the websites of the respective cruise companies.

For The Family

Meals and tea time are perfect opportunities for the family to have a hearty conversation or share their cruise experience Guests can choose to dine in a casual buffet setting such as by the poolside or indulge in a fine dining experience. Families may be hosted to a special gala dinner by the ship’s Captain, where everyone is to be dressed in formal attire — another way to get everyone in the family to join in the fun of dressing up!

Family time can still be spent together even if everyone is engaged in their own activity. Imagine, parents lounging and chatting on the poolside deck chairs, grandparents reading books in the sheltered area, and the children having a splashing great time in the pool.

Family members can also spend time together on an activities such as a game of golf, grandparent-and-grandchild bonding time at live performances, or cousins-only rock climbing competition. Some cruises also offer land or shore excursions which make for another adventurous family time.

With a host of these diverse offerings, you can surely take a step back from the pressure and hassle of organising a holiday that pleases everyone. A cruise holiday is definitely ideal for families who wish to spend time together yet able to offer individuals a personalised experience. Visit the Singapore Cruise Centre for a list of cruise operators and their unique offerings.