A nice thing to do for your mother this Mother’s Day is to take her out of the house on a fun and carefree day trip. You can consider something nostalgic, where everything is taken care of so just for a change, she doesn’t have to be in charge of planning what to do, where to eat and whether or not everyone in the family is happy with the plans for the day.

Think of a place that is special to your mother, or an atmosphere that you would like to recreate for her. Maybe she grew up in a place with more greenery than modern Singapore? Perhaps she loves vintage cafes? Perhaps she is a cycling enthusiast or a beach babe? Pile into the car and plan a whole day’s itinerary around Mum’s passion.

Here are some trip ideas that might provide inspiration to you as you design a custom experience for your mother.

The Vintage Tour

If you are able to rent or borrow an old car, this makes it a lot more fun, but even if you can’t, you can still re-create the atmosphere by playing all the songs which were popular the year that your mother graduated from high school on your car’s stereo system.

Visit all the places which were special to your mother as she was growing up. Maybe you can drive past the house she was born in, drop by her primary school and her college. Visit the place where she met your father. Try to arrange to have lunch, tea and dinner at places which recapture that sense of nostalgia. Some places to consider are: The Coastal Settlement and Colbar Café.

The 2 Wheel Tour

Maybe your mother is active, sporty and crazy about anything on 2 wheels. Rent or bring out your bicycles or kick scooters and plan a cycling trip around Singapore. There a many routes to choose from, but one exciting new option is the cycling route which connects all the way from Marina Bay Sands to East Coast Park via the East Coast Park Area A Extension. You get to pass scenic spaces such as Marina Barrage, the Waterfront Promenade and Gardens by the Bay. Ending up in Marina Bay Sands means that there are lots of nice places to dine at! 

The Makan Tour

Give mum a break from the kitchen. If you plan an eating tour, then you will have no shortage of places to go in Singapore or beyond. Make a list of all her favourite food and plan to eat each dish over the course of the day. Prepare yourselves to complete a “12 food spots in 12 hours challenge” and see if you are up to this! Alternatively, choose a destination town or city which is a well known foodie haven like Malacca and plan a day trip and eating tour together.