No-one knows you like your mother. Most of us would agree with this statement, so this Mother’s Day, why don’t you design a game which your mother will definitely ace and make gift giving fun and interesting.

Choose a Game 

Turn a series of questions and answers into a fun and interactive game for your mother to play. Here are 2 which you might want to try.

QR Treasure Hunt
Use this QR treasure hunt generator tool from to generate QR codes. These are special designs which your mobile phone can read. 

Make a list of your and your mother’s favourite things and places around the home. Questions such as: Which room do you spend the most time in? Find Lisa’s favourite jacket, Go to the cupboard where Andy hides his chocolates are great examples. Use the QR generator to create codes for each question. Paste them around the house and get your mother to use her mobile phone to scan them and see if she can answer the questions correctly. Each time she answers a question, she will get the answer to where the next QR code is hidden. The last QR code would lead her to her mother’s day present. 

I Love You Crossword
Make a list of all the words you associate with your mother. Words like love, fun and kind are great; also words that relate to activities which are unique to your mother such as: photographer, cook, singer can be included. Favourite things such as coffee, roses and cheesecake are good to add. You might even include your gift to her in the list of words which you choose. 

Create a set of questions which match the words which you’ve chosen. For example, “What do you drink for breakfast every day” would match “coffee”. 

Then use these questions to generate your very own crossword puzzle for your mother. Use tools such as this crossword generator from to help you. 

Get your mother to play the crossword puzzle game and give her a hug, kiss and her gift afterwards.