Learn about the challenges of living without sight. Dialogue in the Dark (DiD) is a collaboration between Ngee Ann Polytechnic (through Social Lab Ltd) and Dialogue Social Enterprise. It aims to increase social awareness for people with visual impairments. By doing so, DiD hopes to move society to encourage acceptance, inclusion and employment for visually impaired members of our community.

Experience Doing Everyday Activities in the Dark

Visitors get a chance to experience doing simulated everyday activities in total darkness. Suddenly, simple things like walking through a park, getting on a boat, crossing a street, having tea in a café become more challenging. Assisted by guides, visitors go through a whole new way of experiencing life.

A special program called “Lunch in the Dark” takes you through a dining experience in complete darkness.

Book a Tour or Join a Workshop

If you plan to go, make sure to visit their website and book a tour.  Walk-ins are possible, but each tour can only take a limited number of people, so it is best to book first to avoid being disappointed. Workshops are also available for those who wish to explore this experience more deeply.

Originally founded in Germany, since 1988, Dialogue in the Dark has reached 30 countries and 150 cities across in the world. Join more than 6 million visitors worldwide who have also experienced this.