Singapore's beaches don't get the same adoration as their regional tropical paradise counterparts (think Phuket, Krabi, or Langkawi), but there's still plenty to love about them! While the sand may not be as fine and the waters may not be as crystal clear, our beaches are still well-worth visiting in their own right.

There’s so much you can do as a family at the beach , from getting creative with building sandcastles to beach ball games to simply splashing in the water to cool off after a day of sweaty fun, there’s truly something cathartic about the combination of sand and sea to bust the stress away. Here are five beaches that your family will love hanging out at:

1. Palawan Beach

Image source: Sentosa

While it’s not a 100% natural beach, Palawan Beach, located at the heart of Sentosa, is a must-go for anyone who loves beaches. With its pristine sand and sparkling waters, Palawan is certainly a haven for families. Its calm waters ensconced in a lagoon is perfect for families with young children to splash about in, while older kids can swim further out with their parents to a small island known as the “Southernmost Point of Continental Asia '' in search of more adventure. You’ll want to climb the watchtower there for a bird’s eye view of the southern sea, and watch ships from your vantage point. For some extra adrenaline-pumping fun, you can try your hands at Hydrodash, a floating aqua park located right at the beach.

2. East Coast Beach

Image source: NParks

Arguably one of Singapore's most popular family hang-out spots for the weekend, the beach at East Coast Park is gorgeous. East Coast Beach is truly a wonderful beach for families of all ages, from grandparents to young children. There is just so much to do and see here that it can get overwhelming–so where does one start? Our advice: make a bee-line for the beach to get a coveted shaded spot and do it all. Cycle, roller-blade, jog, play frisbee or beach volleyball, or simply lie on the glorious sand and enjoy the wonderful sea breeze on your hot skin. You won’t want to go home!

3. Changi Beach

Image source: NParks

Tucked away at Changi, is the idyllic Changi Beach–a narrow stretch of sand shaded by lovely Casuarina trees. The sand may not be white and fine but it's still perfect for building sandcastles and digging troughs with. And when you've had enough of sticky sand play, pull out a mat with a home-packed picnic to enjoy plane-watching and take in sights and sounds of planes taking off and landing at the nearby Changi Airport. Wind down the evening with a food hunt at the nearby Changi Village Hawker Centre, the food there is absolutely delicious.

4. Lazarus Island

Image source: Singapore Island Cruise

This amazing beach tucked away in a horseshoe-shaped lagoon is only accessible by ferry from Marina South Pier. Whilst it has a history of prison escapes and raging fires, the beach today is peaceful and pristine–a perfect getaway spot for families to bust away all the stress from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You’ll want to pack snacks along and plenty of water too, because there aren’t any stores on the island. Do also go heavy on the sunscreen because the sun can get absolutely scorching here, in true tropical island fashion.

5. Kusu Island

Image source: Singapore Island Cruise

Not to be outdone by its cousins in the Southern Islands with many tropical paradise spots, Kusu Island’s beaches have plenty to offer as well in terms of crystal clear waters and fine, powdery sand. Parents with older children will be glad to hear that swimming and snorkelling is highly recommended here, with lots of beautiful marine life to see amid the calm waters of the island. Make your way to Kusu via a ferry that departs from Marina South Pier.