There’s nothing quite like books to spark one’s imagination. They are also one of the first ways for parents to bond with their babies.

The great thing about Singapore is, you can easily access your favourite titles at any neighbourhood library run by the National Library Board (NLB). Books of all genres and languages now even be found via ground-up community libraries in various neighbourhoods, set-up by avid readers themselves.

Here is a round-up of ground-up community libraries you may like to visit with your family—plus, discover in our list a public library that has a floor entirely manned by volunteers.

The Happy Little Library

Situated at the void deck of Blk 242 at Bukit Panjang Ring Road and open 24/7, this library stocks a wide variety of book genres in good condition. Visitors can take their favourite titles and keep them or return them after.

Yishun Superhero Library

This bright and cheery nook at Blk 436 Yishun Ave 11 has garnered quite a following among residents in the neighbourhood. Not only does the Yishun Superhero Library boast a huge number of donated children’s books, but you will also find occasional surprises like snacks and pre-loved toys on offer. Fun fact:the shelves are either donated or repurposed furniture!

Nee Soon Town Council Community Library

Open on 22 September last year, the Nee Soon Town Council (NSTC) community library is not just a sweet spot to dig into preloved books from residents and the town council’s employees. The cosy set-up is also where visitors can learn more about environmental sustainability. You can find educational posters, decorations made from upcycled cartons, a reading bench repurposed from decommissioned MRT seats, a paper recycling machine and even a textile recycling bin. The NSTC community library is located at 290 Yishun Street 22.


Exit the lift at level four of 234A Sumang Lane, and you will be greeted by the pleasing sight of this homely library created by a former employee of NLB. Here, you can find books to all age groups and interests. Decked out with tiny stools and soft mats, this could well become a new favourite hangout spot for little book lovers.

The Little Library

Probably one of the most well-known ground-up libraries in Singapore, The Little Library at level 39 of Blk 27 Ghim Moh Link is a hit with followers for not just its growing array of books. The setup also occasionally hosts “popup events”. Most recently, the family behind The Little Library shared freshly harvested winter melon slices with visitors; and even got their baby hamsters out for a day-long meet-and-greet with curious animal lovers.

Level 4 of Tampines Regional Library

The well-visited Tampines Regional Library run by NLB may not be a ground-up library, but it deserves a mention for having an entire floor run exclusively by volunteers. This is a great place for connecting with fellow bookworms in the neighbourhood who keep the books neatly shelved and make the library a warmer place for visitors.