Tucked away in the north-eastern region of Singapore is the neighbourhood of Serangoon. The place draws its name from a species of black and white stork that used to reside around Sungei Serangoon. 
Venture into the area and you’ll find plenty to see, eat and do in the vicinity. The neighbourhood boasts the popular and ever bustling Nex Mall surrounded by HDB housing estates on one end, and the quiet, genteel neighbourhood of Upper Serangoon on the other. 

1. Serangoon Garden Circus

Serangoon Garden Circus
Image source: Today

Located right at the heart of Upper Serangoon is the Serangoon Garden Circus – a distinctive roundabout bordered by an assortment of hip eateries, the famous Chomp Chomp Food Centre, as well as Serangoon Garden Estate, one of the oldest residential estates in Singapore. 
Built in the 1950s to house the British soldiers who were based here, all the roads within the neighbourhood radiate from the circus. Here, you’ll find a vibrant café culture, with trendy coffee and tapas bars, dessert cafes, bakeries and specialty restaurants.

2. Chomp Chomp Food Centre

Chomp Chomp Food Centre
Image source: Chomp Chomp Food Centre

Chomp Chomp is one of the most well-known hawker centres on this island. Opened in 1972, the hawker centre traces its history back to its day as an “eating esplanade” where street hawkers plied their trade. Today, Chomp Chomp is beloved by local foodies for its chicken wings, Hokkien mee and barbequed food.

3. Japanese Cemetery Park

Japanese Cemetery Park
Image source: Straits Times

Southeast Asia’s largest Japanese cemetery, the Japanese Cemetery Park is the burial ground of Singapore’s early Japanese community including soldiers, marines and airmen killed during World War II. Gazetted as a memorial park in 1987, the peaceful, leafy park grounds now draw heritage enthusiasts for its rich history and those looking for a glimpse into Japan and Singapore’s war legacy.

4. Kancanarama Buddhist Temple

Kancanarama Buddhist Temple
Image source: Kancanarama Buddhist Temple Facebook page

Part of a joint complex that also houses a Taoist temple, Kancanarama Buddhist Temple captures the attention of passer-bys with its classic Thai architecture features. It is also one of five Thai temples in Singapore to be officially recognised by the Thai king as an authentic Thai Buddhist temple. Its distinctive intricate gold engravings and pointed gabled roof ends have earned it a place as an architectural gem on our local heritage trail.