With the extension of the circuit breaker till 1 June thanks to Covid-19, we have another month of #StayHomeStaySafe and rollicking home family activities to look forward to. There’s plenty to look forward to and be grateful for though, as there’s lots to do from home! Here’re fsix “events” you can participate in as a family for the month of May.

1. Have a MOMumental Mother’s Day celebration with Families for Life's “Homemade for Mums”

May Activities 

If the thought of not being able to celebrate Mother’s Day this year with extended family and friends was making you sad, FFL’s very own Mother’s Day extravaganza is here to save the day! With activities planned from morning to night, Mums will surely feel like a queen.

The MOMent you’re all waiting for has to be the “Homemade for Mums” online concert at 8pm featuring an all-star line-up of local talents such as Liu Ling Ling, Shabir, Joanna Dong, Aisyah Aziz, Isaac Ong. Enjoy this truly one-of-a-kind evening of laughter, song and heartwarming tributes - all from the comfort of your own home on 10 May, 8pm!

If you’re missing your own awesome Mum this Mother’s Day, why not make a date with Mum to catch the concert together over Zoom and some cake? This will certainly be a Mother’s Day to remember in the years to come.

Do check out our Facebook page for the full programme line-up on 10 May!

2. Score front row seats to musicals and plays

May ActivitiesMay Activities
Image Source: The Shows Must Go On!, Youth.sg

Always wanted to take your little ones to catch a theatrical production but couldn’t because of most venues’ No Children Allowed policy? This Covid-19 season is the perfect time to introduce your child to these, as you can stream many of these from the comfort of your home.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s world-famous musicals are available for viewing on The Shows Must Go On! YouTube channel every alternate weekend (past productions that have been screened include The Phantom of the Opera and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat). Singalong to the familiar tunes as you enjoy these productions from your living room without anyone shushing you.

If you’re on a #SGUnited run and want to support local, you can watch some of local theatre company Wild Rice’s classic plays for free every week on its YouTube channel, starting from 24 April. Look forward to Emily of Emerald Hill (24 Apr), Supervision (1 May) and Monkey Goes West (8 May) and get your older kids acquainted with some of Singapore’s very own theatre hits.

2. Discover the joy of stories with storytelling sessions

May Activities
Image Source: Public Libraries’ Singapore

There’s something about listening to stories being told, whether you’re two, twelve or way older than that. If you are missing your weekly trips to your neighbourhood library, tune in to live storytelling sessions by the friendly National Library Board librarians! Other than the joy of listening to a pro bring a story to life, this is also a great chance to introduce new titles to your children. The schedules are updated on the Public Libraries Facebook page so do check for the latest updates.

If one story a day isn’t enough, you can always tune in to astronauts in space and celebrities doing storytelling sessions too – the choices are really quite endless right now.

3. Reach for the stars and hear about them with the Singapore Science Centre Observatory

May Activities
Image Source: SCOB Science Centre OBservatory

Got a budding astronomer at home who’s always got an eye out towards the heavens, dreaming about what lies beyond our planet?

We have our very own astronomical observatory here in Singapore at the Singapore Science Centre, and you can now join the team as they go live via their Facebook page every Friday to lead stargazing sessions or speak on exciting topics! Gaze at the stars with plenty of guidance and actual views through the observatory’s telescopes every alternate Friday evening at 8pm or listen in on fascinating vodcasts that discuss topics that would pique the interest of your little ones – such as what it is like to live in space complete with a visual simulated look at the interior of a spaceship. Do check back on the SCOB Facebook page for the updated schedule for the month of May!

4. Visit the National Museum of Singapore on your laptop

May Activities
Image Source: National Museum of Singapore

If you're missing the feeling of wandering around the museums and galleries of Singapore, soaking up history and art with our little ones, you should hop on over to a virtual tour of the National Museum of Singapore's An Old New World digital exhibition. Featuring personal collections from the families of Stamford Raffles and William Farquhar that tell the story of Singapore's history as an East Indies port to its modern founding in 1819, this is a visually stunning experience. The care that has gone into perfecting each little detail is what translates this exhibition so beautifully from real life to your screen. You have the option of embarking on a guided curator tour which will take you to specially selected highlights or explore the gallery at your own pace. Here's hoping we have more digital exhibitions from our Singapore galleries and museums to look forward to as our circuit breaker extends till June!

5. Whip up a delicious storm with Delish’s live cooking classes!

May Activities
Image Source: Delish

If you’re an aspiring chef, you would most probably have seen at least one of Delish’s ingeniously simple-to-follow cooking videos on your social media pages. This is as good a time to try them out for yourself, since we’ve all got to stay in.

Delight in live cooking classes specially for the little ones making food they are guaranteed to like, featuring Delish’s very own editorial director and her son on Instagram Live at 1pm EST every weekday. (That’s actually 1am Singapore time, but you can still catch them because the videos will be up for 24 hours!) Do check in on their page the week before to see what you can expect to whip up for the week and shop for the ingredients you will need for a smooth cooking session!