Arts and crafts are not only therapeutic but make a great activity for the whole family! Did you know that an activity as simple as colouring has many developmental benefits? According to research, when children engage in arts and crafts, they learn to explore with their imagination while working towards a goal in mind. Here are some benefits that make creative activities a must-have in your home.

1. Learning the Art of Self-expression

Crafting stimulates children’s imaginations and encourages them to be creative in their unique ways. For instance, painting enables your little ones to express themselves boldly with colour and brush strokes. Through the artwork your child creates, he will learn to communicate his thoughts and feelings from an early age.

2. Improving Motor Skills

Activities such as cutting, colouring, and drawing train your children to get hands-on, which is an important skill in writing, typing and even in tying shoelaces. Similarly, by learning to draw intricate patterns, shapes and figures, they are improving their fine motor skills which will come in handy in everyday tasks such as buttoning a shirt, using a pencil, and eating with a fork.

3. Building Self-esteem

The sense of pride and accomplishment that accompanies a successfully completed craft project empowers children and improves their self-esteem. When parents encourage and assist their children in achieving these goals, children feel even more loved and valued.

4. Creating Quality Bonding Time

Working on arts and crafts projects as a family is a great way to bond and spend quality time with the little ones. While it is an opportunity to forge new memories and lasting mementos, it also emphasises the importance of teamwork and cooperation. At the end of the day, it is not about how well your children can create the artwork, but the joy of building and creating things together that matters most.

To get your family started, here are some DIY craft ideas perfect for the little ones:

The meticulous process of gluing blocks of cardboard, or the intricate procedure of sewing a blanket goes a long way in shaping your child’s personality. Above all, these activities can help to deepen your bond with your child and piecing the family together.