Family time is precious time! But who says it needs to be boring or just the usual sit-down dinner activities. Why not catch a movie together and have a chance to bond over that!

Watching a Movie is a Good Time to Talk

The theatre is hardly a good place for a chat. Catching a movie at home is different. If you have a difficult topic, grab a movie in which the characters face a similar issue. This way, you can broach an otherwise impossible topic and have a good discussion. Or pick a book to read as a family, then watch the movie adaptation and have a discussion regarding the movie versus the book. Who knows, you may get more creative than the director.

Movies are Windows to Your Past

It may be reel life but a movie can shed light on a historic event. A peek into history gives you a chance to talk about your past. You can share your life experience without turning it into a snoozefest for your children.

You are Never Too Old to Rave Over Pop Stars

Admit it. You cannot wait to go gaga over your children’s favourite pop idols. Now is your chance to do it with no shame. Smash the generation gap to smithereens as you both gush over the stars. Amazing how an A-lister can narrow years of difference in an instant.

The End of a Movie Makes a Great Conversation-Starter

When the credits roll, it is a good time to share your opinions about what you have just watched. Remember, the purpose of starting a conversation is to engage in a dialogue. Rally behind the characters or contradict their actions. You will be surprised how this can create chatter from the kids.

A family movie night is a great way to spend time together. Just grab some snacks or popcorn and you are good to go. Watching a movie together promises nothing but a night of fun. After all, what can be more amusing than watching the young ones squealing in delight?