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With the opening of the highly anticipated blockbuster film – Fantastic Beast, the Crimes of Grindelwald just round the corner, why not spend the weekend putting a costume together before heading to the cinema with popcorn?

Dressing up is easy by reusing items lying around the house. You don’t need to be a wizard with a sewing machine to get kids looking like Harry Potter or Hermione Granger. Here’s a list of things you can find from around the house to get your kid dressed up for his/her first class at Hogwarts (or to the cinema)!

For kids who have decided on belonging to certain Hogwarts House, they may need clothes in the corresponding colours:

  • Gryffindor : Red & Gold
  • Slytherin: Green & Silver
  • Hufflepuff: Yellow & Black
  • Ravenclaw: Blue & Bronze

Hogwarts Uniform

An oversized black jacket or Daddy’s old blazer.

A plain white t-shirt or buttoned up white shirt

An old necktie, tied loosely around the neck. Just look around dad’s drawers for a striped tie. Or head to a Daiso outlet where you can pick one up for just $2.

Vest, ideally in grey.If you do not own a vest, you can cut the sleeves off an old sweater.

Girls can wear a simple black skirt or use their old uniform.

Boys just need any pair of black or grey trousers.

Harry Potter wears a pair of black rounded glasses. Parents can help to punch out the lens of an old pair of spectacles.

Finally, the famous lighting scar can be drawn on using black eyeliner, borrowed from Mommy’s make-up pouch.

Newt Scamander

If your kid is an animal lover and is a magizoologist in the making, here’s what they will need:

A long winter jacket in the colours dark blue, grey or black.

A long striped scarf. Newt Scamander was from Hufflepuff so he sports a yellow and black striped scarf.

A dark brown or black vest.

A white buttoned up shirt.

A black bowtie.

Vintage inspired leather boots

A pair of black or brown trousers

To ferry his pet beasts about, Newt keeps them in his magical suitcase. Borrow Dad’s old suitcase or transform an old computer laptop bag if you can find one lying around.

Luna Lovegood

90s inspired sparkly jacket

Colourful printed dress or your child can opt for a tutu to give her costume a more whimsical feel.

Blue coloured stockings or knee high socks.

Good old pair of boots or high top sneakers.

Crazy pair of sunglasses (preferably pink with green lenses).

Life sized copy of the Quibbler. Simply grab any old unused magazine and paste the cover of the Quibbler over the old magazine. The printed cover of this fictional magazine can be found at this link here.


Every wizard or witch needs a wand to create magic. Since the best magic comes from one with a pure heart, you don’t have to buy a wand. Parents can make do with a makeshift broken tree branch and smooth it out with sandpaper or a wooden chopstick. You can get your child to paint their own wand if they want to customise it. But most importantly, teach them to wave their wand carefully to avoid any accidents!

So get your scissors and craft materials ready! It’s going to be a magical time with your family!