Angelia Ng shares why she thinks that gardening is an activity which will bring parents and children together. In addition to allowing families to spend time together, gardening lets you experience science in action in the midst of nature.

“My idea is about gardening fun for dads, mums and kids! It’s an opportunity to commune with nature and introduce them to Botany. It shows them in real life, how water, sunlight and fertilizer are an important part of circle of life for plants. And, you can also introduce them to various species of plants like chilli, onion, garlic or even potato. It is a great way to teach responsibility and spend productive time with your children.

Kids will love this because in addition to the importance of simply bonding, gardening with children offers many other benefits, including promoting cooperative learning, developing responsibility through keeping the garden alive, encouraging healthy eating, learning about the environment and boosting self-esteem with a job well done. Furthermore, it’s a daily activity since you have to water and tend to the plants every day. When the plants start growing, you get to admire and reap the fruits of your labour together! (pun intended).”

Adapted from an idea submitted by Angelia Ng and first published on 22 Apr 2013 on the Dads For Life Toolbox Website.