Introduce some spontaneity into your anniversary celebration. Instead of planning a fixed dinner date or weekend trip away, consider making it a random get-away. Being open to any location for your celebration will bring an element of suspense and excitement into your plans and is likely to be kinder on your pocket as last minute deals can often be found at a steep discount.

Be Open

Decide first what modes of transport you are comfortable with. Will this be a self-drive activity? Are you thinking of a regional destination that you will fly to? Are you thinking of a boat or a cruise trip? Train ride? Bus? Any and all of these can lead you to many exciting destinations.

Look for last minute deals and if the price and the place look enticing, just go ahead and book it! If you are looking at last minute deals, chances are that you will end up going somewhere that you hadn’t thought about before. We’ve all had friends or relatives who originally wanted to go to Bali, but ended up in Lombok instead, or perhaps planned a trip to Tokyo, but due to booking issues, went to a secondary Japanese city instead. Or were thinking of going on a self-drive holiday to Malacca, but then found an incredible resort hotel deal on Pangkor Island or maybe Sentosa Island and went there instead. In most cases, they had a fabulous time. As long as you have an open mind and are willing to roll with it, a random booking could end up being the anniversary trip of a lifetime.

Surprise Your Spouse

Remember, surprise is your friend! If you have kids, make sure you arrange for babysitting and child care. Then, pack for your spouse. Don’t forget to bring along the passports and make sure any necessary travel documentation and insurance is taken care of. Then pick your spouse up and let your anniversary begin!