Looking for ways to keep the family entertained while staying at home? Here’s a list of games—a mix of old fan-favourites and some modern remakes to keep the brood active, and get laughs from everyone at home.

Balloon stomping

Balloons are tied around each player’s ankles, and the goal is to try and pop everyone else’s balloons, while keeping your own safe. Last man standing wins! It’s perfect for just a few players, and if your kids are bursting with energy, because you can just tie more balloons around each person’s ankles, and you don’t need to have a huge space to have some fun!

Zero point

This one is an 80s kid’s favourite! String rubber bands together to make a long chain and have players jump over the rubber band rope to progress to the next round, where the rope is raised a little higher. If hanging ceiling lights or fans are a concern, just flip it around and do it limbo-style—get the kids to go under, rather than over.

Werewolf on Zoom

A popular party game where a group of villagers need to identify and “kill” a werewolf within their midst, only this time, done on a video conferencing platform like Zoom! Thanks to video conferencing functions, you can share videos and sound effects like werewolves howling through the night, roosters crowing to signify morning, to add to the atmosphere! So rally up some friends and family you don’t get to see often, and start the werewolf hunt!

Giants, wizards and elves

A new take on the regular scissors, paper, stone that we are used to. But this time, players need to play-act the character—whether roaring like a giant, crouching down to become “elf-sized”, or waving a wand like a wizard. Although the rules of the game are that giants crush elves, elves trick wizards, and wizards can shrink giants, you’re free to get creative and add your own take!

Three Blind Mice

Unlike freeze and melt, which requires a large space and can turn the house topsy-turvy, Three Blind Mice, which requires the catcher to be blindfolded—or at least have their eyes closed—is ideally done in a smaller area, and perfect for home. So clear some furniture out of the way, pick a “blind mouse” and get the family together to giggle and dodge from the catcher stumbling around!

Write, draw, pass

This is a variation of the broken telephone. First player writes a sentence, second player tries to draw it, third player will write a sentence interpreting the drawing… until everyone’s had a turn. Hearing how the original sentence has reinterpreted and morphed is bound to bring laughs! Although the best results come when there are more players, this is a great game to play when you want the kids to sit still for a while.