Junior is growing up fast.

It had only seemed yesterday when you invite family and friends over for the first-month celebrations. No need to work up a frenzy, though; we have it all planned for you. All that is missing is a little tyke and a whole lot
of fun.

Set the Theme

Superheroes, My Little Ponies or Pokemon? Discuss with the little ones: it is their big day after all. After that, you may have to bring them shopping for party supplies. The days leading up to the event also make a good time for parent-child bonding. The anticipation and preparation provides plenty of fodder for conversations.

Set the Date and Time

Choose a day and time that fits not just your schedule but your child’s. Plan around naptimes, meal times so that your child’s routine isn’t disrupted. Time-wise, ninety minutes is a good gauge as children have short attention spans. It also depends on the activities lined up. Do not plan anything that requires hard thinking; the children are out to have plain fun.

Fun and Games

No birthday can be fun without games. And the winner is...everyone. Organise games where everyone gets a prize. This way, it will be fun for all. After all, fun is for everyone.


Are you making food on your own? Or are you ordering in? Where are you serving? How will the food be served? These are questions to ask before drawing up the menu. Take both adults and children into consideration when planning the menu.  Menu is spelled 'me N u' so make sure the children can have a great time.

Party Bags

They can correspond with your theme. Or you can get creative. Whatever it is, make sure boys and girls get the same. The last thing you want is a fight over gifts.

Every day is the childhood your little one will recall when they grow up. Make the big day special; let it be a birthday filled with fun and laughter. Now you can plan a party without a hitch.