Lego building blocks has always been a parent’s dream come true – it appeals to kids and adults of all ages, is re-usable in endless ways and is what most in the game development world consider to be an “open” ended game. In other words, how you play with it is completely open to your imagination. The game developers place no limits on the stories and the worlds which you can create.

And, now that Lego has gone beyond the basic building blocks that it used to focus on, there is a lot more scope to use it as a cornerstone for a fun and exciting kids party. With movies, songs, characters, robotic elements, a girl’s version, duplo, theme parks and a whole lot more going on, Lego really has become a part of popular culture as well as the perfect toy for every kid. The wide variety of Lego-themed experiences you can have means that it’s actually easy to pull together a lego-themed party.

Invitations, Decorations and Printables
Set the mood by sending out Lego-themed invitations. There are several online printables you find such as this
Lego Movie Birthday Invites or print some LEGO Ninjago Eyes to turn plain balloons into mysterious floating Ninja heads and other Lego related party banners. 

Play Lego Games
No party is complete without games and Lego lends itself beautifully to all sorts of fun party activities. Here are a few that you can try out:

1. Lego Hunt

Before the party begins, buy big bags or boxes of standard Lego bricks and hide them all over your house and garden. Then, instead of giving the kids a standard goodie bag, give each of them a plastic bag and tell them to fill them up with as many Lego pieces as they can find. 

2. Build the Highest Lego Tower

Set a timer and divide the kids into teams. Whoever can build the highest Lego tower within 10 minutes gets a prize. Everyone else gets to have lots of fun tearing down all the Lego towers after the contest is over. 

3. Pass-It-Along Lego Model 

Get all the kids to sit in a circle with a pile of bricks in the middle. Start with just 1 brick. Each child gets to add 3 bricks to the Lego model before passing it to the next child. The model should grow bigger and bigger until either all the bricks in the middle are used up, or the model breaks. Once that happens, count all the bricks in the model, the kids get as many pieces of candy as the number of bricks they managed to use in the model as their prize. 

You can also find many more fun ideas and party games from Lego for your Lego themed party.

Wind it Down with a Movie
At the end of the day, you’ll need something to calm all the kids down before their parents come by to bring them home. The best way to do it of course, is to have everyone watch a Lego movie. There are lots to choose from and even if you don’t go for a movie, Lego has quite a few shorter animated series which you can watch as well.