Not every anniversary needs to be spent away from home. In fact, some of the most romantic and stress free celebrations can happen without ever having to leave your front door. Whilst you may not need to travel anywhere or even spend much money, it does take some effort to plan a couple’s date night at home. But, if you do it right, it can be something truly memorable and personal.

Set the Scene

Think of your home as a blank canvas. Don’t decide to have dinner in the dining room just because it is the dining room! Look around your house and re-imagine the space.

One fun thing to do is to set up a mini-campsite in your living room. Lay down a picnic blanket, order food in, and put up a two-man tent right where your couch used to be. Decorate your tent with glowing fairy lights, turn all the lights in the house off and cozy up your space with candle light and lanterns with candles in them. Snuggle up together and get ready for some fun.

Plan Your Entertainment

Plan an activity. Movie marathons are easy – but jazz it up by picking a theme. Maybe you plan to watch old Hollywood movies set in Italy like “Roman Holiday” with Audrey Hepburn? Or perhaps it’s the full Star Wars trilogy, prilogy and beyond? Make some popcorn in the microwave and break out the junk food!

Instead of movies, you could also consider playing board games – some are naughty and some are nice! Just pick one that you and your spouse are comfortable with and will have fun playing.

Switch Rooms

Give yourself a vacation at home. Don’t sleep in your usual room. Decorate your guest room with beautiful sheets, light it up with candles, get rid of all the clutter, run a bubble bath, stock it up with gorgeous bath products and introduce a totally new room scent into it. Sleeping in and waking up in a different room will give you that wonderful relaxed “I’m on vacation” vibe that we all love about resort hotels.