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Getting cabin fever from being holed up at home due to Covid-19? You'd be pleased to know that early studies have shown that the virus' membranes are destroyed by heat and humidity (Source: The Straits Times, 10 Feb 2020). This means there’s nothing stopping you from heading out this weekend to the great outdoors to let your little ones run out all that excess energy and get some much-needed Vitamin D. (We love you, Singapore weather!)

If you’re still worried, play it safe and pick outdoor spots that aren’t crowded so that everyone has plenty of space to run around in. These three outdoor activities check all the boxes for guaranteed sweaty fun for the entire family – far away from air-conditioning and crowds!

PS: Don’t forget your insect repellant, sunscreen, caps, hand sanitiser and wipes!

1. In-tree-duce yourself to the gardens at HortPark

HortPark is a treasure trove of things to do as a family. There are many themed gardens within the park for you to explore – spot giant luffas and lovely purple eggplants in the Edible Garden, chase after butterflies in the Butterfly Garden, or meander your way around the relaxing Therapeutic Garden. As for your littlest tots, traipse over to the Nature Playgarden – Singapore’s very first Biophilic playground comprising nine zones for sensory exploration. If you wanted to venture further, you could even make your way to the Southern Ridges for a lovely urban hike over the Southern city-scape.

Getting there: 33 Hyderabad Road (off Alexandra Road), Singapore 119578

2. Take a literal hike at Labrador Nature Reserve

Nestled along the Southern shoreline of Singapore, Labrador Nature Reserve makes for a lovely locale for the family to take in some fresh sea breeze and warm sunshine, minus the maddening crowds. Head to the jetty where you can revel in the lapping waves whilst your children take in the sights of the docked container ships. Stretch those legs some more as you explore the nature trails, which will take tiny feet some time to walk through - but it’s well worth the time. The boardwalk trail is steeped in history and biodiversity, perfect for keeping little budding historians and ecologists amply busy and engaged!

Getting there: Along Labrador Villa Road

3. Have a wheelie good time cycling at Coney Island Park

Rent a bike at Punggol Point Park and zip on over to Coney Island Park, where your kids will have great fun exploring what feels like unchartered territory. Take a nature ramble on your bicycles through forest, mangrove and intertidal habitats, or take on the all-natural obstacle course made entirely from recycled casuarina trees! If everyone gets a little tired, pack a mini-picnic and settle down along the rustic beach for a short rest stop then get right up again to continue exploring.

Getting there: Beside Punggol Promenade Nature Walk