Being an awesome twosome means not only do you get to cheer each other on in their careers, but you can unwind and take care of your mental well-being together too—basically, have fun as a couple!

Even on the tiny red dot, there is no short of options when it comes to switching up your routine. Here are some couple activities to try for getting much needed om.

1. Get moving

Whether it is signing up for a gym package, taking long walks at the reservoir or busting out your dusty badminton rackets, regular exercise has often been cited by researchers as an important way to improve physical and mental health. It also keeps your brain sharp over time!

2. Learn something new

Have you and your spouse always wanted to learn how to make artisanal bread? Sing like a pro? Or develop green thumbs? Get a teacher and pick up a skill together! It is said that engaging in a new activity can work a different part of your brain, so you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Plus, you’ll have one more topic to converse about with your better half.

3. Volunteer

There are many ways to do good for the community, ranging from reading to underprivileged children to delivering food packs to one-room rental flats. It is a meaningful way to spend time together as a couple; and by focusing your energy on helping and connecting with others, you are taking a step in making the world a kinder place!

4. Have a laugh

The adage “laughter is the best medicine” never gets old. Round up the best stand-up comedies on your streaming apps and plan a series of “Funny Fridays”; a good belly laugh relaxes the mind and entire body and sets you up for a great weekend ahead.

5. Get closer to nature

Multiple studies have credited the practice of forest bathing with lowering stress levels and blood pressure—it is also an activity that’s growing in popularity in Singapore so it’s easy to find a group to join.

6. Talk it out

Getting pre-marriage jitters? Unsure of the transition to marriage life? Fret not, these feelings are absolutely common among soon-to-wed and newly-wed couples. Tackle these by attending a marriage preparation course to build foundations for your marriage. An online version is also available for couples to attend at their convenience!