While the circuit breaker curtailed movements and upended routines, one silver lining was the extra family time gained while we were all stuck at home.

Bonding and making special memories with loved ones had helped many cope with cabin fever. 

From baking to exercising to TikTok challenges, let’s relive four fun family activities that were all the rage last year – and commit to making time for our folks in the next normal. 

And while the circuit breaker may be over, the fun at home can always continue. These activities will guarantee plenty of laughter and quality time. Make it your next family tradition or occasional weekend activity!

FFL Council Member, Mr Kevin Ang and family, asking families to Stay Home during the start of the Circuit Breaker in April 2020.


The smell of fresh bread wafted through many homes last year as home kitchens transformed into mini bakeries. Baking – and breaking – bread together was a loaf-ly way for many families to kill time. So much so that ingredients like baking powder and flour flew off the shelves and quickly ran out of stock across Singapore!


Renegade, Citirock, Woah and Bust Down. If these dances ring a bell, you probably were among the many families that boogied to them while cooped up at home.  

The TikTok dance challenge was a fun way for many families to bond – and work out – during circuit breaker. Those with two left feet weren’t left out either. The social media platform’s “Doodle” and “Who’s the most likely to” challenges also offered many happy hours. Just ask this Singaporean father-and-son duo - @DaddyMing, whose online videos were a hit.


When semi-lockdown life got boring, many families escaped into virtual realms. Whether it was racing through mushroom kingdoms in Mario Kart, building an entire village in Minecraft or just good old-fashioned monster-slaying in the Legend of Zelda, many households bonded over video games. 

Family games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons were big hits, as were the likes of Ring Fit Adventure and Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise, which worked in fitness elements. Who said working out is a chore?


The circuit breaker bred many circuit eaters. To beat the flab (and boredom), many turned to the slew of exercise programmes online for a family workout. 

From high-energy YouTube guides set to hip music, to ActiveSG fitness Zoom classes taught by pros, many turned strenuous sessions into a fun-filled home activity. Talk about strength in numbers.