If you are at Marina Bay Sands, you might want to consider doing something unexpected in the middle of a shopping mall – ice skating! Just next to the Rasapura® Masters food court, The Rink is a fully synthetic 600 square meter ice skating rink.

What’s unusual about The Rink is that you won’t be skating on ice, instead, you will be skating on synthetic ice. This is created by a special kind of plastic – a high molecular weight polyethylene which has been coated with special lubricants to allow you to glide on standard ice skates and provides a similar experience to skating on ice. 

The Rink is a good place to bring kids for a try. Skates are available for rent, and because it is a synthetic surface, falling is nowhere near as painful as it is on ice. Best of all, parents get to sit at the nearby foodcourt and watch their kids have fun. 

Photo Credit: Reappropriated via Compfight cc