A memorable wedding anniversary celebration does not have to be over the top or burn a hole in your pocket. If you’re keeping a tight rein on your expenditures, there are many romantic yet penny-wise ways of celebrating your anniversary. Here are 5 ideas to spark off your planning:

Hobby Swap

Celebrate by indulging in each other’s hobby or interest. Here’s an idea: Choose an inexpensive activity. If your spouse’s interest is singing, while yours is cycling, both of you can spend the early part of the day having a good workout with tandem cycling, and end off with a bang by singing your hearts out at a budget karaoke box. Add to the fun by setting a theme for this day!

Whipping Up A Meal

This promises fun—all the way from grocery shopping to presenting the fruits of your labour! Make this activity even more special by reprising your first date or wedding menu! Up the romantic ambience with candles and songs that are meaningful to you both. If you’re keen for a challenge, why not try baking a cake that’s similar to your own wedding cake?


You don’t have to spend a fortune yet the impact you make on lives is priceless. Moreover, sharing a common goal and engaging in a meaningful activity together can work wonders for your relationship! Not only will you learn how to appreciate life and each other better, you may even discover skills or traits you never knew your spouse posses. You may want to check out Giving.sg for more volunteering opportunities!

Home Spa

Recreate the pampering and reinvigorating spa experience at home! Rejuvenate your mind, body, soul and relationship with your spouse. Here are some tips on creating a home spa. For couples who wish to avoid the hassle or prefer professional spa services, you can check out these reasonably-priced options.

Reminiscing Date

Relive your first date, and renew your appreciation of each other by doing or saying something your spouse likes. If you’re going for a meal, you can opt for a less expensive alternative to dinner, such as brunch or teatime.


If you wish to splurge a little by opting for a staycation, you can consider camping with style — Glamping! This could be a cheaper alternative to most local boutique hotels. Check out Glamping Society for more information.

However you celebrate your anniversary, nothing speaks more of your affection and devotion towards your spouse than investing time in him or her. So, make every one of these special memories count.

Bonus tip: You can store these memories in a time capsule too — it would make a great gift or celebration idea for your golden anniversary!