The Esplanade is Singapore’s iconic performing arts venue. The twin domes with over 7,000 twinkling triangular glass shades light up the skyline at night and beckon you to enter for an evening of art and experience. 

Performances are scheduled throughout the day and cover the whole range or performing arts, from dance, to theatre, music, the visual arts and more.

World Class Performance Spaces

In addition to retail, dining and exhibition spaces, the Esplanade has a 1,600 seat Concert Hall.  The Concert Hall boasts state of the art acoustic features such as reverberation chambers and an acoustic canopy which adjusts to ensure that the optimum sound conditions are created for each musical performance. 

With almost 2000 seats, the Theatre at the Esplanade is Singapore’s largest performance stage and has been built not only for traditional Asian and Western performing arts, but also for performances which include advanced multimedia experiences.

Here are more Fun Facts about The Esplanade.

Take a Tour

The Esplanade offers 2 guided tours which allow you to peek behind the scenes and see how the magic is created. The first is the Esplanade Walk, which is a 45 minute tour of the Concert Hall and Theatre and explains how the beautiful acoustics which audiences experience are achieved.

If you have time, then the 2 hour Esplanade tour will bring you deeper into the world of the Esplanade. You will get to see not only the front-of-house spaces, but also the backstage facilities. See how the different equipment and structure of the Esplanade allow performances to switch scenes and special effects seamlessly. Visit the Green Room (artist’s lounge), orchestra pit and dressing rooms to see what it feels like to be a performer. 

If you have a group of minimum 12 pax, you can make a booking 14 days in advance for an intimate tour of The Esplanade on Mondays between 9.30am and 4.30pm. Cost per adult is between $10 - $30. To make a booking, call 6828 8377 or email or check out their website on guided tours for more information.