KEEP OFF! a gamified tutorial designed to make hygiene education simpler for children ages 2 and up, through fun and engaging tasks.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we all have been teaching our kids everyday actions to reduce the spread of germs. Including the constant reminder to wash their hands frequently and stay away from people who are coughing or sneezing or sick.

But let’s be honest, kids have a short attention span and they are not fully understanding what the pandemic is about. They need a simple and more effective tool to comprehend the messages and follow the instructions required to stay safe.

This gamified tutorial is here to help you in getting your kids to adopt various precautious steps into their daily routine autonomously. So that they can know what to do especially when you are not able to keep an eye on them.

This interactive tutorial teaches children ages 2 and above to stay cautious during this challenging time. It comprises multiple levels, and each level aims to educate them on one specific action to keep COVID-19 away.

Throughout the game, kids are tasked to follow instructions, and make sure their character maintains personal hygiene to unlock the next level. Each level illustrates key takeaways such as wearing a mask, cleaning toys, social distancing, washing hands, and more. By putting the directions into familiar scenarios that children face on a daily basis, this game serves as a utility to help parents and teachers in getting young children to adopt safe habits as they adapt to the new normal.

So go ahead, turn it into a family activity and spend a fun-filled time with your kids, while they learn how to maintain personal hygiene and keep Covid-19 at bay.

The online game is available for all devices at