As the Covid-19 pandemic stretches on and we draw near the end of the circuit breaker period, the novelty of this whole “we’re all in this together” experience is starting to wear off for many. The cautious easing up of social distancing rules means families face many more weeks stuck at home together.

Instead of leaving everyone to their own devices (pun intended), why not try out these four fab and free game ideas? Guaranteed to generate howls of laughter and top up your family’s love tank at the same time.

1. Charades

Your teen won’t put down their smartphone? Use it to your advantage! Download apps like Charades! or Heads Up!for free and use their word generator feature to describe or act out objects and characters. Playing is simple. Once the timer starts, guesser holds the phone up to his or her forehead while everyone feeds him or her the clues. Flip up to pass, or down for correct guesses. Highest score wins. With diverse categories like Disney Characters, Hits of the 80s and even K-pop, you’ll definitely find something that appeals to everyone.

2. Classic Drawing or Word Guessing Games

Classic word guessing games like Pictionary or Hang Man will never go out of style. Borrow the charade app or use an online word generator to play. All you need is a drawing surface (paper, white board or even Notepad on your tablet works) and markers, and you’re ready to go. For added fun, form teams and discover the artist or word fiend in the family!

3. Never Have I Ever...

A great game that requires no props but lets you get to know your family members better. The rules are simple: A player starts by saying a statement ‘Never have I ever… eaten durian!’ and the next player guesses if it’s true or false. A correct guess gets a point. Statements can be serious or silly, but the aim is to discover little-known facts about your loved ones… and the lengths they’ll go to win this game!

4. Show Me a Motion

Want to exercise both your memory and body at the same time? Here’s a sneaky way to get everyone moving! The first person bust out a dance move, which everyone follows. The second person adds another move to the first, the third person adds a third move, and so on. And the string of moves grows till someone gets it wrong. Not only will you end up choreographing a crazy dance routine, it’s a surefire way for everyone to get a good workout!