Here's a great way to combine science with fun for your little ones! KidsStop - Singapore's first science centre catered towards children between the ages of 18 months and 8 years has 17 zones and feature areas, each with a different theme that takes children through a discovery of both the natural and man-made world.

Learning Through Role Play

Housed within the Omni-Theatre building, it is part Indoor Playground and part make-believe Fantasyland. Here, kids will get to imagine, experience, discover and dream about the world around them through a mixture of role-play and hands-on tinkering.

The large 3,000-sqm area opens up into 4 main interactive zones: Imagine, Discover, Experience and Dream. Of these, we were most intrigued by the Imagine zone and the Experience zone.

Imagine Zone

Children are naturally imaginative, and the sky's the limit here for them. With dozens of activities for them to explore in this safe and nurturing environment, parents can confidently allow them to roam and transport themselves to wherever their imagination leads. 

Here are some of the activities within the Imagine Zone which your little ones can look forward to:

Built Environment

A haven for the budding architect, the Built Environment is a re-creation of a bustling building site complete with helmets and safety vests, ready for your child's imagination.


At the Supermarket, children get to be the adult and go shopping for necessities like their parents. But it's even more fun because it comes complete with kid-sized shopping trolleys and shelves of goodies!

Dino Pit

A tiny yet detailed replica of an excavation site, little ones can emulate the scientists from Jurassic Park, and hunt for traces of extinct creatures, buried under the earth right here at the Dino Pit.


Experience Zone

Children all learn from experience, and this zone is all about allowing them to be one with nature, arts and culture, experiencing the best the world has to offer.

Here are some of the exciting experiences in store for your child at the Experience Zone:

Stop-motion Area

Put on your director's hat!  Let your child experience the magic of film-making.  Try directing your own animation films in this special movie lab.


This is where your kids make new friends of the feathered, furry or four-legged kind! Learn about the many fascinating creatures we share our planet with.

Nature Area

A complete sensory experience for your child, the Nature Area is a lush green zone where you and your kids can explore and interact with various types of animals, plants and weather patterns.

Learn with your Young Ones

It's never too early to begin learning about science and the world around us and KidsSTOP is a great introduction for the young. Begin this inspiring journey of discovery with your kids, and don't be surprised, you may even find yourself learning new things along with them!