It’s that time of year when red and white flags appear everywhere, and many of us want to spend time with our loved ones as we celebrate National Day. This day isn’t just about remembering the nation but also the communities and people around us. What better way to spend Singapore’s special day than doing something fun with your friends and family? Here are some suggestions to make this year’s celebrations extra special.

Potluck fun for everyone

A simple and heartwarming way to celebrate is with a good old-fashioned potluck. Invite your friends or family over and have everyone bring a dish of their choice. Then spend your time with party games like guessing Singapore trivia, eating, and watching the Singapore National Day Parade (NDP) together. Encourage everyone to turn up in red and white clothes, put up flags and National Day decorations, and tuck into National Day-themed food . Then sing the National Anthem together to round off the party.

Picnic with red and white food

With the many green spaces Singapore has to offer, why not take your family on a National Day picnic? Pack some simple snacks and finger food like sandwiches or salads and head out to a park of your choice, then go for a walk or play some games to pass the time. Singapore has many wonderful parks, and spots like the Marina Barrage allow you to catch the NDP fireworks display . For the extra enthusiastic, bring food with a red and white colour scheme to make it a really memorable occasion! Rosy fruits or chili dishes for red, and milky food or rice dishes for white are a few ideas. Enjoy the beauty of Singapore with the family on a day of fun in the sun!

Day trip to Singapore’s most iconic landmarks

Feeling adventurous? Singapore has many significant iconic landmarks to visit, and going sightseeing with your loved ones is an exciting way to have fun while appreciating the nation’s culture and history.

Go on a Merlion tour, and visit all the six Singapore Tourism Board-approved Merlion statues dotted in different parts of the island. Or head to the National Museum of Singapore to learn more about our culture and history. Singapore has a vibrant history just waiting to be explored, and National Day is the perfect time to dive right into it.

Hawker stall crawl

A deliciously fun aspect of Singapore is our hawker culture, so why not celebrate this national day with a hawker crawl? Go with family or round up a few friends, and enjoy dishes associated with Singapore, such as chicken rice, bak chor mee, BBQ seafood, Indian rojak, Mee Rebus, or chilli crab. With Singapore's melting pot of cultures, Singapore food is truly a culture you can taste.