Whilst Gardens by the Bay is justly famous for its 2 beautiful and award winning cool glass conservatories, it is also home to a wonderful play space for kids – the Far East Organization Children’s Garden. The Children’s Garden has been designed for children between the ages of 1 and 12 years old and is made up of 5 exciting play experiences spread over an area of 1 hectare.

Older kids can start at the Adventure Trail which is a 130 metre forest trail along which they will encounter 14 obstacles such as a hill climbing ropes, spinner bowls, grasshopper string stepping pads, a spider net and super fast slides. From here, they can visit the Rainforest Treehouses – 2 majestic 7.5 and 4 metre tree houses which end in a super-fast slide back down to the ground. 

Toddlers have their own special play zone with a much scaled down and toddler friendly adventure experience consisting of a small sway bridge and stepping springs. In the corner there is also a Fish Fountain which is actually an interactive water play space made up of fish sculptures which spout water as toddlers clamber over and around them. 

For most children however, the best experience is likely to be the Water Play Zone. This is a large open space with a myriad of waving water reed fountains which use sensors to detect the movement of children to create an interactive water play sequence. The Garden is open until 9pm at night, and after sunset, is beautifully lit in jewel-like colours. 

Open Daily: 9am-9pm
*Closed for maintenance every Monday, or the next working day if a Public Holiday falls on the Monday of that week.