Unlike Singapore of the past which was filled with rural villages, swamps and jungles, the Singapore of today is a jungle of a different kind. Yes, a concrete urban jungle made up of high rise buildings, highways and metal monsters.

A Historic Park

You can however, still introduce your kids to the natural beauty of Singapore by visiting the historic Lower Pierce Reservoir. This lovely and tranquil park is the site of Singapore’s second oldest reservoir which was first commissioned in 1912. It features a picturesque and accessible 900m boardwalk and a walking trail which goes through mature secondary rainforest.

Open Up Your Senses

Keen for your kids to ramble back to nature? If you are looking for fresh air and green spaces for your kids to run wild in, you may just find Lower Peirce Reservoir Park to be an ideal spot.

Encourage your kids to explore freely, touch, smell and feel nature and use all their senses - although be careful with tasting! Look at fresh blades of grass, feel and compare the texture of living and withered flora, and listen to the rustle of leaves in the breeze or the crunch of stepping on dried leaves and twigs.

Adapted from an article first published on 23 Feb 2013 on Dads for Life Toolbox