If dad is a keen golfer or just keen on spending time with the family doing an activity which everyone can enjoy, then a round of mini-golf to celebrate Father’s Day together is a winner of an  idea!

Everyone Can Join In

Mini-Golf is just what it’s called – a miniature version of the full game of golf. You get to play 18 holes of golf but instead of having to spend half a day under the hot Singapore sun and walking about 10 km, you and your family will only need to walk about 1 km to play a full round of mini-golf. This is perfect for those with young kids and grandparents who may be celebrating Father’s Day with you!

Feature Driven Play

Even though Mini-Golf is played on a smaller scale, it certainly doesn’t mean that it is less fun. If anything, you get to see more. Most Mini-Golf courses are designed around a theme. Some of them feature famous “wonders of the world”, some show scenes of Singapore, some of them feature glow-in-the dark balls and attractions, allowing you to play in the dark with lighted balls, some are indoors and some are outdoors. Some even combine cute games and quizzes at each hole to make the experience more fun and interactive. Of course, because it is on a smaller scale, even your youngest family member will not be left out. As long as your children can walk and putt a short distance with a small golf stick, they too should be able to play with you!

Whilst there are several mini-golf courses in Singapore, here are a few to look at to get you to begin thinking of the kind of golf course you and your family would enjoy most.


This is mini-golf with a difference. Play 9 holes in the dark surrounded by 3D glow in the dark artwork and motion props. Move through fantasy worlds under the sea, amongst pirates and dinosaurs!

Website: Amazoniafun.com

Champions Golf

Located at Bukit Timah, this is an outdoor mini-golf course. Surrounded by lots of greenery, there are actually 2 golf courses with 18 holes each. Choose between the Dragon Course and the Fruit Loop. The courses are open and illuminated until 11pm at night.

Website: Championsgolf.co