Organising big family gathering can be tedious – finding time in everyone’s schedule and activities where everyone can participate in. In spite of it all, having a big family is great because you get to have ready company for help or for fun!

Here are some tried-and-tested activities you can do together with the extended family to multiply the fun factor!

#1 Schedule Dinners at Different Homes

This especially works best when families stay near one another in the neighbourhood. Make pot luck dinners a regular affair and get to save on cooking costs, time and effort (get a break from doing the dishes when it’s not your turn).

With every family bringing one dish to the table, you still get to enjoy a variety of dishes and enjoy a sumptuous meal with less effort!

#2 Schedule Sleepovers at Different Homes

Have children sleepover regularly at cousins’ home and rotate the schedule. This encourage bonding among cousins but also gives the adults some time off parenting. Doing similar activities in a different home also adds colour to your child’s childhood and makes it more memorable for them.

#3 Trade Books/Toys and Hand-Me-Downs

Arrange meet-ups to exchange books or toys for the children to give them some variety and make their childhood a tad more interesting. Hand-Me-Downs are also useful and helps families to save costs and time.

#4 Plan Excursions

Heading out and about Singapore? Organise a family picnic or your next trip to the Zoo with other extended family members to make it more fun.

Shy children with cousins will feel a little more confident at trying out adventurous games and new experiences. Educational tours will seem a lot more lively and interesting when they have similar age companions who share the same enthusiasm.

#5 Get Active

Having more family members means paintball, laser tag, trampoline parks and even just swimming in the pool will be so much more fun with made up games and friendly mini-competitions amongst family members.

How about planning on a short cycling/walking route around the neighbourhood the next time you visit your grandparents and get some exercise done? Bring the young ones on their scooters to let them get some fresh air too!

#6 Craft Work

Look out for fun arts and craft activities such as art jamming or recycled craft. These hands-on creative activities are a hit with young children where they can get involved in, instead of being sidelined when it comes to games with rules.

Check out Arts, Crafts & Hobbies on OnePA’s site for upcoming workshops near you!

#7 Karaoke

Karaoke sessions are made for groups where the singer needs an audience, and no one is more suitable than your extended family! They may be your worst critics but they could also be your most loyal fans. And if you intend to sign up for the next singing contest, make sure you get them all to submit a vote for your win.