Every family knows this - Motherhood is beautiful. To your children and your husband, the love, care and courage that it takes to be a mother are often treasured and appreciated. However, the reality of a busy life means that mothers often don’t feel beautiful. After cleaning up their child’s latest “art installation” in the living room, ironing 3 school uniforms and clearing up the dishes, most women don’t feel that they are “glowing with beauty”, instead, they just feel tired and messy.

Show how much you appreciate your mother and how beautiful she is this Mother’s Day by arranging a makeover and family photo shoot session for her.

Bring Mum Shopping

Take time off work and start the day by bringing mum shopping. Look for a pretty outfit for her to wear. Visit her favourite shops with her and choose an outfit together. Make sure that you get her accessories too. A matching handbag, shoes, and earrings are always appreciated, but even more than that, the time you take to accompany her and spend time with her are appreciated even more.

Get Pretty!

Get in touch with a make-up artist or a salon with a style which you think your mother would like. You can either arrange for a session at home, or visit the salon for an appointment. Most makeovers will include hair, lashes and special occasion make-up effects. Have mum discuss her likes and preferences with the make-up artist. Bring along some photos of looks that she likes.

Family Portraits

After the makeover session, gather the family together for a family portrait. This can be a studio affair, or if you have a budding photographer in your family, then you can take the pictures in a part of your home which has happy memories for all of you. With digital cameras, you get many chances to play with different photos and get the pictures that you love.

And of course what’s the point of getting all dressed up and gathering the whole family if you don’t end it all with a nice dinner – one which mum doesn’t need to cook for a change!