Since limiting social gatherings for now is the new normal, why not have an online game party with family or friends? With the plethora of online games available these days, it can be a headache to sift through what’s age-appropriate for an evening of wholesome fun for the family. Here are some online games that are great for the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest!

1. Families for Life presents Bunny Town Adventure

Play exciting games with an engaging storyline in Bunny Town Adventure. The game offers a fun way to learn about family values in a safe and ad-free environment for children ages 3 to 7.

Join Becky Bunny in an immersive game experience to explore the sights and sounds of Bunny Town while learning about the importance of love, care and concern, respect and commitment in a fun and new light.

Bunny Town Advenure is free for play via an internet browser.

2. Animal Crossing: New Horizon

With its simple premise of exploration and discovery, any one of any age will be sure to enjoy Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Exploring the world alone is fun enough; you will have your hands full catching bugs, fishing, crafting and digging for treasure. What makes this game truly special is how you can interact with your friends on the game: invite them to your island for events like birthday parties, create mini-games to play, or just have a chill time exploring each other’s islands!

Animal Crossing: New Horizon is available for purchase to play on the Nintendo Switch.

3. Words with Friends 2

If you have a sudden desire to relive those childhood days playing Scrabble with mom and dad, you’ll want to try Words with Friends 2. It is a turn-based game of word-crafting that you can play with a friend, or several in simultaneous games. This updated version also allows you to team up with up to five friends to go head-to-head with another team of five in a fast and furious Lightning Round!

Words with Friends 2 is now available for download on Apple and Google Play stores for free.

4. Mario Kart Tour

Everyone’s favourite party game is now on your mobile phones. Race against your friends around courses in cities located in the real world as well as familiar courses from the Mario Kart series of games. It is intuitive to play thanks to the simplified touchscreen controls, so newbies rejoice! Don’t forget to call your friends to join you at the limited-time events to earn special rewards.

Mario Kart Tour is available for download on Apple and Google Play stores for free.

5. UNO

This classic card game is now online and you can play it at your fingertips with your friends and family, wherever in the world they are! All the elements that make this game so well-loved remain on the online version – its fast pace, the straightforward rules, and a healthy dose of friendly competition. What’s new are the different challenges and mini-games you can play, the option to add in new cards to shake up the game a bit, and the opportunity to win rewards when you participate in tournaments.

Uno is available for download on Apple and Google Play stores for free.

6. QuizUp

If you think trivia games are not great for family game nights because of the nature of some of the questions, you’ll want to try the QuizUp app. The topic decks available on this app include family-friendly ones like Disney movies, sports, geography, general knowledge, so younger kids can join in with ease. Get your friends and family to download the app so you can invite them to play with you, and you’re all set for an evening of fun brain flexing!

QuizUp is available for download on Apple and Google Play stores for free.