We are surrounded by beautiful, warm, tropical seas and an abundant marine ecology at our doorstep. Learning to dive and spending time together in the wondrous world under the sea is an experience which Hun Tay would like to share with us.

“My idea is to be able to inspire and motivate each other to learn and do things together and reinforce (family) bond(s).

In December 2013, I brought my 12 year-old son to Thailand for his Open Water Diver course while I took my specialty courses. On the high speed catamaran there, we were going around, up and down the vessel taking selfies, enjoying the ride as the boat's powerful engines bumped, splashed and sliced us through the open ocean.

After a while, motion sickness got the better of us and we vomited together into the toilet bowls and plastic bags. It was a one of our "firsts" and although it was unbearable and gross, it was nonetheless quite a unique activity/ordeal to experience together.

We went through classroom training and boat dives together and although we were in different groups, I was able to support and encourage my son all the way. We even had the opportunity to meet underwater whilst diving in different groups! We took a photo to commemorate the event. What a proud moment that was for me to capture. Back on the boat, my son very proudly showed me his dive computer recording a depth of 12.5m when he was supposed to dive to a maximum of only 12m. Shhh!!!! Our last morning on island, we went hiking together and I appointed him the leader.

We are looking forward to the June school holidays when we will have our first official dives together. We are also planning 3 years ahead when he will be able to dive to 18m. That's when we will go for our live-a-board dive trips so he can go for his Advanced Open Water Diver course.”

Adapted from an original idea by Hun Tay and first published on 3 Mar 2014 on Dads for Life Toolbox