Fooard Zosopari shares how he bonds with his children over energetic and exciting outdoor games and activities. See how he encourages his kids to learn about surviving and thriving together as a family.

"My idea is to enjoy camping, wall climbing, flying-fox, boat water survival, tightrope walking, campfire singing and “BBQ-ing” together.

Dads and kids will love this because is the where Dad can show his kids how to survive in the open field. Sleeping together in a crampy 6-man tent, surviving out of our usual comfort zones, learning how to support, encourage and trust each other in physically and mentally challenging games, bathing in cold water and sleeping under the stars really forges bonds and creates experiences of unforgettable family moments spent together!"

Adapted from an original idea by Fooard Zosopari and first published on 7 Oct 2013 on Dads for Life Toolbox