It’s hard to imagine that pristine and near deserted beaches can still exist in cosmopolitan Singapore, but there is one such beach just a ferry-ride away.

Lazarus Island is part of a trio of islands in Singapore known as the Southern Islands. Whilst its sister islands St John’s and Kusu are quite well known, most people probably haven’t visited or even heard of Lazarus Island.

If you love the idea of spending a day at a quiet, beautiful beach, then you should visit Lazarus Island. Getting there is relatively simple. Ferry tickets can be purchased at the Singapore Island Cruise’s ticket counter at Marina South Pier. The ferry leaves each morning at around 8.55am and a return ticket brings you on a loop through Marina South Pier, St John’s, Kusu and back to the Pier again.  Lazarus Island is accessible from St John’s Island through a causeway which links the 2 islands together.  

It’s a good idea to bring along a hat, sunblock, sunglasses, water and perhaps a book. Lazarus is truly a natural and undeveloped beach, so expect to bring everything you need for your time there, and to take any rubbish with you for proper disposal on the mainland.