If you and your dad love to play games which are active, physical, strategic and team based, then you might want to organise a paintball game for him.  Get together as many friends and their dads together, multiply the fun and make it a group father’s day celebration.

How Do You Play Paintball?

Paintball is a fun game in which participants use paintball guns to shoot each other will “bullet” made of a thin shell filled with paint. When the paintball bullet hits you, the shell breaks and you get marked with paint. The paint is non-toxic and washes off easily, so there should be no harm to you or to your clothes.

Most paintball games involve partnering up in teams and getting assigned a mission to recover an item or to take over positions from an opposing team. There are variations on each game and they are usually played in a special purpose-built field in which bunkers, structures and different types of obstacles are placed. A facilitator will usually explain the game rules, a safety briefing is included and participants are issued with face masks and protective vests in addition to the paintballs and paint guns.

Where Can You Play It?

There are several operators in Singapore, here are a few to look into as a starting point: Red Dynasty Paintball, The Fun Empire Paintball and Hyperforce.

Who Can Play?

In Singapore, because of the force of the paintballs, the minimum age to play paintball is 14 years old, although it might vary upwards depending on the operator.

However, if you have family members who are below 14, you can still play a modified version of paintball using foam darts at Red Dynasty Paintball.