A new character is in town! Making its debut in February 2016, bubbly PIP is the Esplanade’s mascot for their children’s programmes. Playful, imaginative and polite, PIP encourages positive traits in children such as learning through play, thinking out of the box and being considerate towards others.

Now, a special space for cultivating what PIP is advocating has been set up within the national performing art centre itself. Located on Esplanade's Level 4, PIP’s PLAYbox is catered to children up to 12 years of age. The space has a glass-panelled side that lets in plenty of natural light, many cosy corners and a mezzanine level that overlooks the space!

There’s also an in-house library that carries books by local authors and illustrators. Parents and their children can engage in craft work together, have fun with shadows at the Shadow Play section, be enraptured by guest storytellers or huddle in one of the quiet corners to read a book together. For the more active children, channel their boundless energy at the PLAYbox’s outdoor play area.

Shaped like an art sculpture and complete with a kaleidoscope, it’d be added fun with a good dose of exercise for the whole family. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, parents also have ample opportunities to gather and chat with each other.

Another bonus to this fascinating space is its family-friendly and children-friendly facilities. There’s an area to park your strollers, a nursing room, and even kid-sized toilets to encourage independence. Parents, you can also be assured that a strict cleanliness standard is adhered to as the space will be de-germed and sanitised on a daily basis!

PIP offer even more fun family time with a free club membership. The club’s benefits include discounted tickets for selected Esplanade events, priority booking for selected parent-child workshops, and more!