Birthday Party at the Zoo

Bring your kids’ party to the zoo for a fun and educational day with the animals. The Rainforest Kidzworld at the Singapore Zoo offers lots of activities, all within walking distance of each other. 

Choose to DIY or Get a Package
The first thing you need to do, is decide if you want a totally stress-free event which the zoo can manage for you (you can find out more from WRS on their birthday packages), or if you want to put more of yourself into the party and organise it yourself. Both options are great and work well with children of all ages.

The DIY Event
A DIY event works well when you have a smaller group. The Zoo’s birthday package is really catered for between 30 and 50 people, so if you are looking to bring 10 to 20 guests to the Zoo, you might find that planning the party with the help of family members and friends might work better for you. 

If you choose to organise everything yourself, then the best way to do this is to bring the kids out to lunch at a kid-friendly restaurant, or host a lunch at your home before heading out to the Singapore Zoo. You can give out goodie bags, exchange gifts and cut the birthday cake before you go to the Zoo. 

Buy a Zoo-themed birthday cake and give out goodie bags with Zoo essentials – items like mosquito repellent, caps and shades, water bottles, snacks and a little animal related gift are all good ideas. 

  • Look Out for Birthday and Online Ticket Offers
    It’s best to buy tickets online in order to enjoy a 15% discount on the price of admission and it also allows you to avoid the queues at the entrance. The Zoo also has a Birthday Admission Special – if it’s your child’s actual birthday or 7 days from the birthday and your child is a Singaporean or PR, he will get free admission into the Zoo when entering with an accompanying paying guest.
  • Head out to Rainforest Kidzworld
    The best place to start your party is at the Rainforest Kidzworld. There are lots of activities which your kids can do together and it’s a good idea to start here and wait till the end of the party before kids and their parents break up into smaller groups to explore the rest of the zoo.  
  • Pack for Wet Play
    Rainforest Kidzworld has a fairly large wet play area, and if you get your guests to bring swimming suits, a towel and a change of clothes, they can either start or end the party with a waterplay session. There are shower facilities for cleaning up after the play session and lockers which you can store your valuables in. Do check out the Rainforest Kidzworld page before for announcements on area closure for maintenance before heading over.
  • Don’t Miss the Animal Friends Show
    An entertaining animal show takes place at the Rainforest Kidzworld Amphitheatre at 11am and 4pm each day. Try to time your party so that everyone gets a chance to attend the show together. 
    Farm Animals and Keeper Encounters

Kidzworld also includes the farm animals enclosure. Bring your kids to see the adorable miniature Falabella ponies, goats and giant rabbits. Regular Keeper Encounters will give the kids a chance to talk to the farm animal keepers and participate or observe the animals more closely.