Is your dad a soccer fanatic? If he is, then you might want to surprise him with a new version of the game. Bubble Bump soccer is the same game, only you play it wearing a giant inflated plastic bubble. As you can imagine, it’s Mr Bump meets Soccer Mania.  

Where can You Play?

Bubble Bump games are run and organized by Bubble Bump Singapore. Games are hosted at 3 locations: The Cage@Kallang, Premier Pitch@Turf City and Futsal Arena@Yishun.

Getting Organised

As long as you can get a group of 10 to 20 family members, friends and relatives together, you should be all set for a fun and active event.

Call ahead to discuss your needs with the organisers and book a slot. They can plan birthday parties and special events as well, but if you are just going as a large family group, you might want to try out their casual fun game option. Just show up and they will provide the giant bubble suits and 2 facilitators who will guide you through the games.

It’s Soccer and More

Games are played in 5 minute segments and the facilitators can help you through all sorts of different variations. You get to do more than just soccer as there are other games such as Bubble Bump Invasion, Hoops, Fetch, Catching, Dodge and even one called Kaboom.

Image Credit: Sylvain Mitra