The first wedding anniversary, also known as the “Paper Anniversary”, is a milestone celebration following one of the most important and memorable event in a person’s life—the wedding day.

The first year is also known as the year of transition and adjustment from singlehood to couplehood. As to why it’s symbolised by paper, there is no definite explanation at present. Perhaps to some, paper symbolises a blank canvas, i.e. starting on a clean slate in this new stage of your life.

What is your theory of this symbolism? Well-known poet, Henry Van Dyke’s words rings true—“for those who love, time is eternity”.

So, why not time-capsulate this special occasion, along with its wonderful memories and feelings, through the camera lens? A special couple photoshoot would make a timeless wedding anniversary gift for you and your spouse. 

What are the benefits of a photoshoot? With technology, you can now conveniently upload and store your photos online. Plus, there is a flexibility to decide on your theme, one that’s special to you both. Having a professionally done and meaningful keepsake to mark the first leg of your journey as husband and wife is just an icing on the cake.

Here are some tips on how you can have a shutter-happy session:

  • Research and compare photography service providers, photographers and packages, or you can choose to stick to your wedding day photography service provider.
  • Once you have engaged your service provider, pin down the necessary details of the photoshoot with your photographer, and indicating your preferences, etc.
  • Be adventurous to dress according to your theme. If you still have your wedding gown and tux, why not don it for this shoot?
  • Ensure that you’re in a tiptop condition for the photoshoot by keeping a regime of holistic healthy living with plenty of sleep.
  • Learn how to pose. You can refer to this article by The Dating Divas for some fun and creative posing ideas.
  • Wear loose clothing, e.g. a button-up shirt, on the actual day to change in and out of your clothes easily without ruining your hairdo/makeup.
  • Pack your essentials the day before.
  • When the camera is on you, loosen up, be confident and importantly, have fun together!

Bonus tip: Why not start a tradition of an annual anniversary photoshoot to celebrate and commemorate each of the milestone in your marriage journey?