Prawns have swum beyond the wet markets and kelongs with many Singaporeans now catching on to the trend of fishing for their own prawns (“prawning”) and consuming them freshly cooked on the spot. Seafood can’t get any fresher than that!

Prawning boasts a host of other benefits that’s making it a big hit with families:

Presents opportunities to forge familial bonds through interactions with each other at every stage; from waiting for the catch to feasting on the fruit of your labour.

Provides a platform to learn or hone specific skills together as a family, such as learning how to hook the bait, unhook the prawns and patience.

Research has shown that fishing (or in this case, prawning) helps one de-stress. Definitely a good winding down weekend activity for working parents.

Seeing a net full of prawns at the end of the session evokes in each family member a deep sense of satisfaction and achievement. 

Aids the creation of new experiences and memories for the entire family.

If you are new to prawning, fret not—here are some experts’ advice on reeling in a good catch:

Ensure that the hook is sharp and secured

Check the bait frequently to ensure it’s still hooked on

Wear light clothes to stay cool as these ponds are located outdoors, with the exception of the facility at Bugis+ which has an air-conditioned indoor pond

Bring along hand soap/sanitiser

Apart from prawning, many of these prawning facilities are attracting families with children by offering a slew of other fun-filled activities, such as fishing, fish spa, and more. Here's a list of some of the popular prawning spots in Singapore you can visit.